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Managing aging and end-of-life Hard Drives can be complicated — so let Hopyard recycling handle it for you. As fast as technology is evolving, there is an even faster rate at which technology is aging. From ensuring compliance with data privacy laws, evaluating the best financial return from your disposition options and using environmentally friendly practices, Hopyard recycling brings decades of experience to your firm. We believe reverse logistics is just as important as your forward logistics — the entire product and customer lifecycle matters.

Digital media has become a common target for identity theft and accidental data breaches are on the rise as people carry more and more data in their laptops, tablets and other devices.

Just deleting, erasing or wiping your data is not enough to protect you from a data breach, and it’s not compliant with the law, either.

Our media destruction services minimize the risk of your digital information falling into the wrong hands. Our staff maintains a strict chain of custody during the destruction process to assure the security of your digital information. Once the destruction process has been completed, you are provided with a Certificate of Destruction documenting your compliance.

Regulatory laws such as HIPAA, FACTA and GLB mandate that confidential information, no matter the format, must be reasonably protected, and Veteran’s affordable hard drive destruction service is the perfect solution.